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Whole Beef Filet $13.99/ lb.

Rolled Delmonico Roast $13.99/ lb.

John Martin Semi Boneless Ham $2.69/ lb.

1/4 lb. Hot Dogs $3.99/ lb.

Pork Tenderloin $3.59/ lb.

Gulf Shrimp $35.99/ 5 lb. bag 31/35 ct

John Martin Bacon $4.99/ lb.

John Martin Ham portion $1.89/ lb.

Choice Sirloin Steak $6.99/ lb.

Bottom Round Roast $3.99/ lb.

Baby Back Ribs $3.99/ lb.

Delmonico Steak $10.99/ lb.

New York Strip Steak $9.99/ lb.

Trimmed Beef Brisket $6.59/ lb.

Country Style Pork Ribs $1.99/ lb.

Center Cut Fresh Pork Chops $3.59/ lb

All Flavors Pork Sausage $3.99/ lb.

Creamy Cole Slaw $3.69/ lb.

You really should try our store made soups!

Beef vegetable, Chicken Corn Noodle, Chicken Rice,

Ham & Bean, Chili and Baked Pot Pie.


We sell Harrisburg Dairy Milk & Teas!


We sell Hershey Ice Cream!

We have LOTS of flavors to choose from, including slices.

  • Our meats are cut "fresh all day long!"

  • Our Beef Filets and Steaks are superb.  You can eat the best food "at home" and save money!

  • We make all our sausages, pork, turkey and chicken even breakfast links.

  • Our fresh pork products are raised to be lean and wholesome.

  • We bake your Ham, Beef or Turkey for you in the store.


Customer Satisfaction Is Our Highest Priority




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